Restaurant Information for Ginza/Tsukiji/The area around Tokyo sta.

You can find restaurants for each genre! Please enjoy a lot of delicious foods in Japan!

Japanese Food

If you come to Japan you definitely want to eat Japanese foods!
If you can eat a raw fish, SUSHI is recommended!
FUGU(Blowfish) cuisine is delicious, but it’s necessarily a special license for cooking, so it’s good to eat at Restaurant!
Also recommend RAMEN! There are many kinds of taste and shops!
At Japanese-style tavern, there are plenty of kinds of dishes and you can also enjoy alcohol! It’s good to have a fun with large people, but you shoud better wihtout children.

Western Food

Western food may be delicious, because some restaurant are particular about genuine taste and other restaurant are arranging in Japanese style.


Ethnic and Asian, Bars and Coffee shops, Family restaurants etc. Please choose according to your purpose!

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