How to Dispose of Your Garbage

In Japan, since each local government performs a collection of garbage basically, rules varies according to the local government.

So that you need to dipose of your garbage according to rules decided in each local government, check the rules such as a collection day and a place.

You have to be careful because not to follow a rule may cause a trouble with neighbors.

For more information, confirm the web site of a ward office or a city office where you live, or ask a ward office or a city office because there are some local governments making guidebooks.

Here we explain about household waste, large-size refuse, home appliances recycling, and garbage bags in central Tokyo’s 23 wards.

How to Separate and Dispose of Household Waste

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In most local governments, you need to classify the household waste such as follows.

In addition, note that a collection day varies according to the garbage types.

  • combustible garbage
  • non-combustible garbage
  • plastis (for recycling)
  • glasses bottles, cans, pet bottles (for recycling)
  • a newspaper, magazines etc (for recycling)

How to Put Out Large-Size Refuse

Since big garbage (almost more than 30cm) such as a furniture becomes the paid large-size waste、you cannot throw it away as a household waste. Please ask the Large Sized Waste reception center of the local government for collection.

Please check the specific request method on your local government website.

When you do not know a collection place of household waste, You should ask to a management company, the landlord of the building.

If you live in a large apartment complex, the day resources/garbage are collected may differ from “the day of the week for resource collection/garbage collection”. For details, please check with the building manager.

Home Appliances Recycling

It’s necessary to be recycled of certain electrical appliance for family use and PC. Please see this article for more information.

please see this article for more information about ‘Recycling of disused articles (home appliances and others)’

Garbage Bag

Please use transparent or semitransparent garbage bags which are sold generally and you can see the contents, or plastic bags which are not easily torn. They are sold in a supermarket or a convenience store. Many of the garbage bags have transcription of capacity such as “20L”, “30L”, “45L” and of number of sheets such as “30枚”, “50枚”.

You should choose them according to the number of families or the size of the trash box.

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