Halal Restaurants

Information about Halal in Japan

It may be difficult to obtain information about halal in Japan as little is currently available. Therefore, here we introduce a portal site that provides information about this subject. There are postings on halal restaurants, mosques, places of worship, and sightseeing spots.

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Halal Restaurants

Halal Gourmet Japan is a halal restaurant gourmet search site operated by HALAL MEDIA JAPAN Co., Ltd.. Icons indicating which of various requirements of Muslim diners are satisfied are displayed for each restaurant. As 100% halal compliance is difficult to find in Japan, restaurants serving vegetarian dishes are also displayed with an icon. This allows diners to judge for themselves according to their own standards which restaurants they can use.

Created by NTT TownPage based on “Halal Gourmet Japan” on the HALAL MEDIA JAPAN Co., Ltd. website.

Taito Ward’s Initiatives

In Taito Ward, Tokyo, where Sensoji Temple is popular with foreigners, they have created Muslim Friendly Map in TOKYO(ASAKUSA/UENO/YANAKA) so that Muslim travelers can eat and drink safely and enjoy sightseeing. Restaurants catering to Muslims are shown on the map.

Created by NTT TownPage based on “Muslim Friendly Map in TOKYO(ASAKUSA/UENO/YANAKA) is now available” on the Taito Ward website.

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

At Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, the gateway to the skies in the Tokyo area, there are eateries with halal and vegetarian menus.

Also, there is a prayer room in the 3F departure lobby in front of the departure inspection area.

Created by NTT TownPage based on “Stores, Facilities and Event Information” and “Other Facilities” on the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal website.

What is Halal?

In the teachings of Islam, halal is Arabic for “permissible”. In many cases it seems to be associated with the concept of “halal certification”, but halal is a way of thinking that indicates whether or not things or actions “are permitted by God”. Therefore, it does not just refer to halal certification.

What is the Halal Certification System?

This is a system by which experts guarantee something is halal from the two viewpoints of religion and food science. It is said to have started in Malaysia around 1970. It is estimated that there are currently over 200 halal certification bodies worldwide, including as many as 15 or more in Japan (as of December 2015).

As the interpretation of halal differs and there is a difference of opinion between sects and religious leaders, there is currently no standard worldwide halal certification. Some countries such as Malaysia have uniform domestic standards that have been standardized nationally, however, many countries and regions use original standards established by their respective certification bodies.

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