Internet Provider Contract – Signing Up and Canceling, Connection Problems

While in Japan, you may want to use the Internet with a similar set-up to what you have in your home country. Here we describe how to sign up for or cancel a contract for an Internet provider.

Signing Up for an Internet Provider Contract

Optical line

You can apply via the carrier or the provider. Alternatively, there are some large electronics retailers where it is possible to sign up for a contract.

First, inform them of your phone number and address, and they will confirm the available services, fees, installation charges, providers and available campaigns for the area you live in. If it is determined that you can sign up for a contract, installation work necessary to set up an Internet connection will be carried out. Note that there may be no contract available depending on the area or building you live in.

Cable TV Network

It is a good idea to contact the cable TV operators directly. As with optical lines, after informing the operator of your address, etc., they will confirm the available services in the area you live in. The same is true for installation work. Again, there may be no contract available depending on the area or building you live in.

Cellular Network

It is also possible to sign up for a contract with a cellular network that you can use while on the move. You will be able to use this while at home or when you are out, and as no installation work is required, you can use it immediately after signing up for a contract. Also, you can connect to several Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously for added convenience.

Disadvantages compared to optical lines and cable TV networks are that, even within the service area, communication quality may vary due to environmental factors such as the time or place, and the network may be unavailable in areas beyond the reach of the radio signal. Also, you should be aware that communication will not be possible if the battery of a data device runs out. Service areas also vary with the provider, so it is a good idea to compare details in advance before signing up for a contract.

Internet Connection Problems

To avoid a panic if you find you are suddenly unable to connect to the Internet, it is a good idea to check the connection device’s wiring and connection method in the user manual and confirm the support services provided under the contract with the carrier or provider in advance.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet, turn the power to your PC and the router you are using off and on, etc., then try connecting to the Internet again.

If you still cannot connect, please contact the support desk.

Canceling an Internet Providerccontract

When canceling a contract, it is a good idea to directly inform the provider of your intention to cancel the contract. Inform them of the date and time of the cancellation, then confirm the required procedure. You should phone the provider once you have prepared the documents from when the contract was signed.

Points to note:

  • If the router and modem are rented, they will need to be returned, so confirm details accordingly.
  • If a discount or campaign applies to the contract, a cancellation charge may be incurred depending on the timing of the cancellation.
  • If your phone service is included in the contract as a set, the phone service may also be canceled at the same time.

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