Gas, Electricity and Water – Notice of Usage and Payment

In Tokyo, each household has gas, electricity and water meters. The meters are read regularly and notices of usage are delivered to your mailbox.

In addition, bill payment options for these utility services are broadly divided into:

  1. Payment by invoice
  2. Direct debit from a bank account
  3. Direct debit from a credit card

The general sequence from meter reading through to payment is as follows:

  • (1)Payment by invoice
    • Meter reading
    • Invoice with a notice of usage attached (delivered by mail)
    • Payment at a bank or convenience store, etc.
      (Be aware that if payment is late, interest may accrue and the supply may be cut off.)
  • (2) & (3) Direct debit from a bank account or credit card
    • Meter reading
    • Notice of usage (delivered by mail)
    • Direct debit from a bank account or credit card
      (Although a receipt for the payment transfer is attached to the usage notice the following month or later, a receipt is not issued in the case of payments made by credit card, so refer to the itemized statement sent by the credit card company.)
  • The Bureau of Waterworks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    • How to check the amount of water used (in Tokyo’s 23 wards)
  • ①Customer Number
    • This number identifies the customer. When making an inquiry, state this number.
  • ②Usage
  • ③Next Bill
  • ④Scheduled Payment Transfer Date
  • ⑤Next Scheduled Meter Reading Date
  • ⑥Next Bill by Account Transfer
  • ⑦Notice of Deduction from Your Account
  • ⑧Company Managing the Meter Reading
    • When making an inquiry about the current meter reading, contact the office of the management company.

This is the meter reading slip used since April 2013.

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