Explanation of Japanese on ATM Screens

As most of the ATMs in banks and convenience stores in Japan only display information in Japanese, you may have experienced trouble understanding how to use an ATM.

Using a screen example of a Seven Bank ATM at SEVEN-ELEVEN stores nationwide, here we explain the Japanese for the main functions available on ATMs.

  • 引出し(お引出し、お引き出し)= Withdrawal
    • Withdraw cash from account.
  • 預入れ(お預入れ、お預け入れ)= Deposit
    • Deposit cash into account.
  • 残高照会 = Balance inquiry
    • Check the account balance.
  • 定期預金 = Fixed deposit
    • Make, show details of or cancel a fixed deposit.
  • カード振込(振込み、振り込み) = Domestic money transfer
    • Make a bank transfer using a cash card.
  • ローン = Loans
    • Carry out card loan transactions (borrowing, balance inquiry, repayment, etc.)
  • 海外送金 = International Money Transfer
    • An international money transfer service is available at Seven Bank.

Please note that the range of available services may vary depending on the bank.

Also, there may be functions displayed on the ATM screen that are not explained here.

Please see the following article for more information on how to open a bank account.

If you use a Seven Bank cash card at a Seven Bank ATM, you can select from the following 9 languages for the screen or bank slip: [English, Tagalog, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese]

(Created January 2016)