Preparing for Disasters 2

Things you will need at the evacuation center

  • Spoons and chopsticks
  • Lighters
  • Can openers, bottle openers, knives
  • Canned emergency food
  • Pens/pencils, notepads
  • A change of clothes, large towels, slippers
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, floor cushions
  • Toiletries, emergency medication (adhesive bandages, medicines for cuts, wounds, and other illnesses or colds, eye drops, etc.)
  • Packing tape
  • Simple eating utensils (paper plates, paper cups)
  • Empty cardboard boxes
  • Spare batteries, mobile phone chargers, and battery-powered lanterns
  • Cellophane wrap and aluminum foil
  • Eye masks, earplugs, hearing aids, denture cleansers
  • Handy water filters/purifiers

Recounted Experiences

Things you were glad you had brought; things you wish you had brought

Women who survived the Great East Japan Earthquake said wet tissues and wet wipes came in handy


Wet wipes (because you cannot bathe)/ mouthwash (because you cannot use water)/ wet tissues (because you cannot wash your hands)/ flashlights (if possible, one for each family member; if you only have one, then the others will be left in darkness when one person takes the flashlight to the toilet or elsewhere)/ hot packs/tarpaulin sheets (you can spread these on the ground and they will protect you from the cold as well)/ large trash bags (these can be used not just as trash bags, but also as ponchos when it rains, and for bandaging wounds; they can also be loosely fitted inside Western-style toilet bowls and used as portable toilets)

Cellophane wrap and aluminum foil (you can cover plates with wrap or foil and place the food on top of that – this way, you don’t have to wash the plate after eating)

Water containers and luggage trolleys (we got water from the water wagon, but buckets were too heavy to carry; it would have been better if we had had water containers and trolleys to help bring them back)

Non-electric kerosene stoves (they work both as heaters and cooking stoves) Vaseline (because of the shortage of drinking water, the skin gets very dry and prone to cuts)