Police, Fire, Ambulance Call

For crimes or accidents, to contact the police in an emergency (toll-free)

  • Dial 110
    • An English-speaking operator is on duty 24 hours a day, toll-free

Fire, rescue, ambulance (toll-free)

  • Dial 119
    • An English-speaking operator is on duty 24 hours a day, toll-free

Dial 110

For accidents or crimes (as described below), please dial 110. This number will connect you to the Police Communication Direction Center. The person who takes the call will ask several questions including when and where the incident occurred, whether or not the perpetrator is still at the scene, description of perpetrator, whether or not there are any injured people or casualties, and your name and address. Please remain calm and respond with the facts.

  • Robbery including burglary, theft, bag-snatching
  • Fighting, violence and high-pressure selling
  • Suspicious persons, cars, or motorcycle gang members
  • Lost or missing children
  • Firecrackers, gun-shots, suspicious sounds or screams
  • Kidnapping or missing children and family members

If you are robbed or lose your belongings and did not witness the crime, report the incident to your local police box (Koban) or police station. If you lose a cash card or a credit card, or have one stolen, contact the issuing bank to stop payment and access.

Traffic accidents
Before police officers arrive, note the other party’s name, address, phone and driver’s license number, vehicle plate number, insurance company, and type of policy.
Submit the accident report to the police.
If there are any witnesses, ask for their contact details such as addresses and telephone numbers.
If you think you may be injured, go to a hospital for a medical check, even if there are no visible signs of injuries.
Loss of your passport or Residence Card
Do not dial 110, instead, go to the nearest Koban or police station to report the loss and fill in a loss report reception certificate.
Residence Card
Within 14 days of losing your card, apply at the Alien Registration Section of your local city, town or village office to have the document reissued.
Take a loss report reception certificate and your Residence Card or driver’s license to your embassy to apply to have it reissued.

Dial 119

Dial 119 to contact the Fire Department Head Office, specify “fire,” “rescuer,” or “ambulance” and give the following information to the officer on the phone: location, landmarks or building, and your name and address.


You should clearly state “Fire.” When you call, give the address, conditions at the site, and also your name, address, and telephone number. If necessary, speak out loud about fire and ask for help.

If you require an ambulance for a traffic accident, emergency rescue or other type of accidents.

You should clearly state, “Emergency.” When you call, give the address, conditions, and contact telephone number. Report conditions in detail, for example “A man was hit by a car and is unconscious.”

Ambulance services are provided free of charge, however, medical expenses are subject to charges. This service provides transportation for people injured in traffic accidents or those who need immediate treatment at the nearest hospital. It is only to be used in an emergency. Have your passport, Residence Card, cash and medical insurance certificate (if you are insured) prepared before the ambulance arrives. (If possible, travel in the ambulance with someone who can speak Japanese.)

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(Updated in October 2017)