Gathering Information 1

After a disaster, information can play a crucial role in helping minimize damage and figuring out when to evacuate. In this section we introduce a variety of sources of information to help you obtain accurate and up-to-the-minute information in the event of a disaster.

Television & Radio

Television and radio are the most used sources of information during and after a disaster. The radio, in particular, is the most reliable source of the latest information if there is a power cut. Make sure you have a radio and a charger. (Also, do not forget to buy spare batteries.)

Radio broadcasting stations include community broadcasting stations, which use local FM bands to broadcast emergency disaster-related information pertaining to each area. Be sure you know your area’s FM band frequency, as the information broadcast through this band will be the most relevant for your area.

Check the broadcast stations, etc. for foreign nationals that are broadcasting in your location.

Mobile telephones & Smartphones

A significant number of people used online resources such as Twitter and Facebook to confirm the safety of family and friends as well as to obtain information during and after the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, batteries of mobile telephones and smartphones do not last long, so make sure you have spare chargers handy.

SNSs (Social Networking Services)

Please make good use of SNSs (Twitter, Facebook, LINE, Mixi, etc.) to confirm the safety of family and friends, and to share information. You can also connect to your local government authorities through these services.


Safety tips for travelers (Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

This information website provides useful applications, and posts disaster prevention information that will be useful to foreign residents or tourists during disasters.

Main contents

  • Earthquake information
  • Disaster initial response manual
  • Information about the embassies and consulates of various countries and other information

Embassy Services & Information

Various embassies and consulates provide essential information for their nationals including the recommended course of action during a disaster (whether to stay on in Japan or to return home) and comprehensive disaster and evacuation-related information. Please note the phone number and website address of your country’s embassy in Japan beforehand and keep this information handy and readily accessible in the event of a disaster.