Aftermath of Disasters and Rehabilitation

To Rebuild Your Life

Apply for a “Victim Certificate”

This is a document that certifies the extent of damage to your home or office. It is issued by the municipal office based on their survey of the premises. The level of damage is categorized as either “Complete destruction,” “Severe destruction,” “Partial destruction” or “Some damage.” This document is necessary in order to access any of the victim support systems outlined to the right.

  • Insurance benefits
  • Financial aid for rehabilitation of disaster victims
  • Donations
  • Tax reductions or exemptions
  • National health insurance premium reductions or payment exemptions
  • Loans/financing for disaster victims
  • Moving into temporary housing

Apply for and obtain a “Damage Level Assessment”

For Full Restoration of Your Home

If your home has suffered any damage, apply for and obtain a “damage level assessment”. This assessment is carried out by the building owner based on a voluntary contract with an engineer for the purpose of restoring the building. The engineer will survey the residual seismic capacity of the affected building and rank it as either “Collapsed,” “Severely damaged,” “Partially damaged,” “Somewhat damaged,” “Slightly damaged,” or “Unaffected.” The full restoration of the home begins with this first step.

Major public support systems for rehabilitation

System of Financial Aid for the Rehabilitation of Disaster Victims

Those who have suffered damage affecting their livelihoods receive payments covering living expenses over the short term. After a home repair plan is in place they can receive financial assistance in accordance with restoration plans.

Temporary Home Repair Support System

Municipalities designated under the Disaster Relief Act are eligible for this system, which provides grants toward the temporary repair of homes that are assessed as having suffered “severe destruction” or “partial destruction.”

Compensation Toward Dead, Missing, or Injured Persons

Compensation toward Dead or Missing Persons
This is money paid to family members as compensation toward dead or missing disaster victims.
Compensation to Injured Persons
This is money paid as compensation to persons who have suffered major injuries due to the disaster.

Check again to make sure!

Check disaster types that are compensated under your nonlife insurance plan, and the amount of compensation

Supervising Editor:Earthquake Disaster Prevention Advisor Mr. Nobumasa Kawabata

(Created June 2015)