Types of Train Passenger Services and Ticket Deals (for trains and buses)

Types of Train Passenger Services

There are various types of train passenger services in Japan. Depending on the type, the stops and fares vary. The main types are generally "ordinary", "rapid", "express" and "limited express" in descending order of the number of stops, however, there may be other service types, or the order may be different depending on the railway company. Although it is often the case that you can ride on trains that only stop a few times with just a passenger ticket, for express and limited express services there will be an additional charge depending on the railway company. If you do not know the stops or the fare for a particular service, you should ask station staff. Alternatively, the train route planner service also displays the service type and fares, so if you have time, it is a good idea to check these as well as the train times in advance.

Ticket Deals


This value ticket offered by JR Group allows holders to travel by rail throughout Japan. Holders can also travel by a select number of Shinkansen trains. This ticket can only be purchased by foreign tourists who are visiting Japan. Please check this site for more information, available transport,ticket conditions, ticket types and prices.

Japan Bus Pass

This value ticket allows holders to travel between Japan’s major cities by express bus. It is only available for purchase to non-Japanese passport holders. Please check this site for ticket types, prices, purchase method, etc.

Created by NTT TownPage based on WILLER TRAVEL’s "Japan Bus Pass".

Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal

This express bus terminal is located in Shinjuku Station’s South Exit (Tokyo). Bus routes departing from here connect to many cities in Japan. It is a convenient facility with coin lockers, free Wi-Fi and other services. English and Chinese are spoken at the information counter.

Created by NTT TownPage based on Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal Co., Ltd.’s "Service and Facilities Guide"

Commuter Passes

When you purchase a commuter pass for trains or buses, you can usually get on and off as often as you like within the designated route while the pass is valid. These passes are primarily used for commuting to the office or school. A pass for an office commute can be obtained by anyone, however, as a rule, to be issued with a pass for commuting to school you must provide a “school certificateā€ or a student ID with “combined certificate for purchase of a student commuter pass” issued by your school. The commuter pass for schools is cheaper. Rail commuter passes can be purchased at the station ticket window, and bus commuter passes at the sales office. Please ask at the station or bus sales office for details.

Books of Tickets

These are cut-price tickets for trains and buses that can be used within the same route while the tickets are valid. These tickets are suitable if you visit a specific place frequently but do not require the frequency of travel provided by a commuter pass. For example, you can purchase a book of 11 tickets for the price of 10.

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