Shops for Customers Who Require Larger Sizes/Japanese Clothing Sizes

Large Clothes Stores

When shopping for clothes in Japan, you may not be able to find your size, especially if you have a larger build than the locals.

Some department stores in Tokyo, including Isetan and Marui, sell larger size clothes and have English-speaking staff on hand to help out.

In addition, you should be able to find larger foreign brand clothes at stores such as GAP and H&M.

Certain brands have online shopping websites for added convenience, for example, ZARA (English website).

UNIQLO and Nissen also have online shopping websites featuring larger clothes, however English services are not currently available.

Finding well-fitting clothes may be difficult in some cases, but it’s worth the effort, so be sure to shop around.

Japanese Clothing Sizes

Mens clothes size measurements are usually shown as: chest, height and waist.

Sizing systems for men’s garments (S/M/L size)(CM)
size S M L
Chest 80-88 88-96 96-104
Height 155-165 165-175 175-185
Waist 68-76 76-84 84-94

Womens clothes sizes are often displayed based on a size of 158cm, the average height of a Japanese woman.

Sizing systems (Type Size)(CM)
size 9 11 13 15 17 19
Bust 83 86 89 92 96 100
Hips 91 93 95 97 99 101
Height 158
Sizing systems for women’s garments (S/M/L size)(CM)
size S M L LL 3L
Bust 72-80 79-87 86-94 93-101 100-108
Hips 82-90 87-95 92-100 97-105 102-110
Height 154-162
Waist 58-64 64-70 69-77 77-85 85-93

Although the above are sizes according to Japanese Industrial Standards, some stores and brands produce their own original size clothing, so be sure to ask if necessary. Also, it is often a good idea to ask a shop assistant to try selected clothing on before purchasing to make sure it is just the right fit.

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(Created December 2015)