Popular Japanese Souvenirs

One of the big pleasures of staying in Japan is purchasing souvenirs.

Here, we would like to introduce some recommended souvenirs.

Japanese-Made Products Such As Traditional Crafts

Folding fans and Japanese towels, or ‘furoshiki’, are popular souvenirs.

Since many of these items feature patterns unique to Japan, they make good gifts that can present a glimpse of traditional Japanese culture.

Chopsticks are also recommended.


Made-in-Japan cosmetics include shampoo, many types of which are popular among women.

Higher quality more expensive cosmetics can be purchased in department stores, while more affordable products can be found in drugstores.

Many cosmetics come in beautiful or cute packaging, which adds to their appeal.

Electrical Appliances

In terms of functions and quality, Japanese-made electrical appliances such as digital cameras and electronic beauty products make popular souvenirs.

However, before purchasing, be sure to confirm with a staff member whether the items you are interested in can be used in your country as they may require adapter plugs if a different voltage is used.


Japanese sweets also make popular souvenirs. Cheaper kinds are available at convenience stores and supermarkets, and more expensive sweets can be purchased at department stores. Often seasonal or region-specific sweets become available and these can usually be found in convenience stores and souvenir shops.

If you fancy sharing quality stationary, functional, convenient and pretty products, including those featuring characters from Japanese anime and comics, are recommended.

Online Shopping Websites where You Can Buy Japanese Products

If you find you need to pick up some additional souvenirs after you return home, why not purchase through online shopping websites that allow you to purchase Japanese products from overseas? Here is one such website, provided by Japan Post.

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(Updated June 2017)