How to Fill in a Medical Questionnaire

If you have to go to hospital for treatment of an illness or injury during your stay in Japan, in many cases you will be required to first fill in a medical questionnaire to describe the symptoms of your illness or injury. (There are hospitals where it is not necessary to fill in such a questionnaire.)

However, as medical questionnaires in Japanese hospitals are usually printed in Japanese only, in order to describe your illness or symptoms accurately, it is recommended that you consult the site below and write out your symptoms in advance before going to the hospital.
The site also provides information on which hospital department to visit based on the patient’s primary symptoms and physical condition.

The MULTILINGUAL MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE is also available in languages other than English. Questionnaires in each language for each hospital department are available for download.

You can search ‘Hospital & Dentists Information’.

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(Updated in October 2017)